Shopping Centres and Retail Security

Excellent customer care and proactive retail loss prevention solutions are the key to optimum retail security provision.  We have experience of the entire retail value chain up and down the country.  Our focus id always on creating a close knit team of security officers and their retail colleagues and our in-depth risk analyses make sure that we optimise the amount of security needed at any retail site.  We tailor our solutions to the specific needs highlighted by the analaysis and always aim to add value to the bottom line.

AOS provide customer-care trained teams of security personnel to enhance the shopping centre experience. Our clients know that AOS personnel act as great ambassadors for the asset managers and owners.  But it is not only good customer-care that shopping centres need. It is the whole retail experience. This is why AOS looks at the outside of the shopping centre too, and creates strong partnerships with the local police and business organisations. Throughout the life of a contract AOS work closely together with the client to add more value.

Our Watchman Monitoring Service allows AOS to provide weekly metrics on patrol activities, providing peace of mind through hard data, not soft promises. 

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