Watchman Monitoring Services

Proof of service, proof of presence, and lone worker protection are all issues that are important for client-security supplier relations. Watchman Monitoring Services (WMS) is an exception-based security patrolling management tool that deals with all these issues.

WMS is based on NFC technology (similar to that of Transport for London’s Oyster cards) and uses off-the-shelf NFC mobile telephones and small smart tags that are placed along patrol routes and near vulnerable and significant locations. The Officer, when on their designated patrol route, touches the tag at an apportioned time. If this is not done within a certain time period then the 24 hour Communication Centre is alerted and the Officer contacted. If there is still no response then a mobile response is dispatched to investigate. Thus proof of service, as well as lone worker protection, are optimised.

In addition, the intelligent sensor tags can carry questions for the Officer to answer on their patrol route. For example, if the Officer gets to a specially designated area (e.g. a bike shed that has recently been broken-in) and touches the tag there, a question will be sent (via text message) to their mobile phone asking him to specifically count how many bikes are there at the time. The Officer will reply to this question via text from their phone, thus providing a set data point. On the environmental side, a tag could also be used to ask the Officer to count how many computer monitors were left on in the night, thus providing valuable, live-time information for cost-management.

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