Screening Services

Our screening services are personally tailored to individual needs and we work with our clients to help them assess the risk of an individual pre-employment. The current threat of terrorist activity is a nightmare for any company working in security-sensitive industries. Train stations, shopping centres, airports and hospitals are all vulnerable as potential crime and terror targets. How do you know your employees are fully cleared to be in their positions of responsibility? Are your customers and staff totally safe in their hands? 

Credential Screening offers a range of security screening.  We provide pre-employment screening, which includes Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence validation, Right to Work checks, Consumer Credit checks, Address checks,  Photo ID checks, DBS confirmation, Character and Employment References and Passport/ID/Visa checks using the Home Office recognised Keesing document checker. The Keesing document checker enables us to check the validity of all passports worldwide.

According to the Border & Immigration Agency (BIA), all employers have a responsibility to prevent illegal migrants working in the UK. AOS does this by conducting rigorous Right to Work checks that far outweigh the industry standard as we are more than aware that civil penalties can reach up to £10,000 per illegal worker.

At the invitation of AOS, our screening procedures have been inspected and approved not only by the SIA, but also the Border Immigration Agency and the Transport Compliance Division (formerly known as TRANSEC).

If you would like peace of mind that all your staff is fully screened, then please contact us a for a free assessment of your vetting needs.