AOS Security Ltd Acquired by Churchill
We are delighted to announce that AOS Security Ltd has been acquired by Churchill Services Group. Read More
AOS Security joins RSAS
AOS Security have been approved to join the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme (RSAS). Read More
AOS Launch Mobile Patrol Vehicles
AOS have introduced new Mobile Patrol vehicles across London and Cambridgeshire. Read More
GLA stays with AOS
We are delighted to announce that the Greater London Authority have decided to retain the services of AOS at Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square Gardens. Read More

Rail Safety Increases With the Implementation of New Security Solutions

Physical attacks on train staff on one stretch of rail network in the UK have halved in four years thanks to new measures introduced by security companies. The number of assaults on frontline employees has dropped dramatically from 186 in 2009 to 95 in 2013.

The figures have been welcomed by train bosses as well as by the British Transport Police, who believe that the increased number of CCTV cameras and the introduction of rail response teams have made a huge difference in the safety of the network.  

Customer-facing employees are often vulnerable to assaults by customers and to anti-social behaviour. To ensure personnel’s security in such situations, many rail companies in the UK have started training programmes that teach frontline employees to deal with any type of confrontational situation. However, to ensure maximum security of both employees and the premises they work on, professional security solutions are required. CCTV is commonly used to improve the sense of personal security at the railway station. This security measure is often enhanced by the visible presence of rail response teams.

Rail security is a large department within AOS, which has a large team of security officers working to maintain a safe and secure environment for staff and passengers alike.

AOS has one of the best reputations in the rail industry and provides security services for many of the most prestigious train operating companies in the UK.

Our dedicated rail team has invaluable experience and knowledge of the rail sector and the ability to offer dependable, rail-specific solutions that are customised for each client.

We constantly strive to add more value: using headcams to record anti-social behaviour and Watchman Monitoring Services are but two examples.

For any enquiries on AOS’ rail security services or any other security services that the company offers contact us here.