AOS Security Ltd Acquired by Churchill
We are delighted to announce that AOS Security Ltd has been acquired by Churchill Services Group. Read More
AOS Security joins RSAS
AOS Security have been approved to join the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme (RSAS). Read More
AOS Launch Mobile Patrol Vehicles
AOS have introduced new Mobile Patrol vehicles across London and Cambridgeshire. Read More
GLA stays with AOS
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Increase in Demand for Retail Security

There has been an increase in demand for security services from the retail sector over the past 12 months, according to research conducted by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

The survey compiled by the BSIA - the trade association for the ever-growing private security industry in the UK – revealed that petty theft, shoplifting and theft by employees caused a significant rise in demand for advanced security solutions that combat retail loss.

In the report more than 85% of respondents claimed that the use of private security measures in retail has increased over the past 12 months.

The survey showed that shoplifting and petty theft were perceived by retail security providers to be the biggest threats to retail security, closely followed by the so-called “inside jobs,” such as theft by retail employees. This problem was highlighted as a threat by 20% of respondents.

Meanwhile, the study also revealed that one of the most efficient ways of fighting retail crime was through the use of electronic security solutions.

Indeed, many retailers were combating this threat by turning to a range of technological solutions, such as CCTV cameras that automatically track objects and people, recording systems that instantly transmit a video clip of an event to security guards when an alarm is triggered, and biometric facial recognition technology. The problem of having unmonitored spots, which can be left out by fixed cameras and PTZ cameras that have a defined field of view, is nowadays aided by the panoramic CCTV cameras. The advantage of the latter is that shoplifters cannot tell where the camera is pointing at and what it is recording. Yet, manned guarding, enhanced by a range of technological surveillance advancements, is the best proactive theft measure.  

The increase in retail crime such as petty theft and shoplifting has been blamed on the economic downturn, which was the cause of reduced spending on security loss prevention solutions.

New technology, such as a set of lone worker protection devices, is also becoming increasingly popular in a retail setting, enabling employees to be quickly and discreetly connected with an emergency response system that has direct links to the police.