Corporate Commercial

AOS provides a professional security service that creates a welcoming, safe and secure front-of-house reception. Our hand-picked security officers make the best possible first impression for our clients. 

We have numerous clients across the UK and every type of corporate commercial property, from charities to engineering firms. This includes national and global headquarters.

Our service goes way beyond simple security. We always look for ways to add value to the contract, whether it is by providing extra customer service care, cross training for out of hours switchboard manning, or even monitoring a client’s international energy dashboard – we will go that extra mile for you. And because we partner so closely with the client, we continue to develop value-adding activities as the contract continues.

Finally, our Watchman Monitoring Service allows AOS to provide weekly metrics on patrol activities, providing peace of mind through hard data, not woolly promises.  Please contact us for more information.

Old Headers"Working with a security company with a local office gives us the peace of mind of responsiveness and attention to detail.  AOS is a company that combines the attributes of being personal enough to care and big enough to cope."   
Amanda Gacowska, Facilities Manager